THE RENEWAL OF VOWS; Obedience, Poverty and Chastity

“They said YES once again”

16/08/12; Chingola – Zambia

Two Clerics commonly called Brothers; Gabriel Mwenya and Vernon Lushibashi renewed their religious vows yesterday (15/08/12) as Salesians of Don Bosco for two years to live Obedient, Poor and Chaste. It was on the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. They renewed in the presence of Fr. Slawek the rector of the Salesian Community in Chingola who took the place of the Provincial and the Provincial who took place of the Rector Major.

It was really a wonderful moment to see Clerics Gabriel and Vernon professing radically, saying YES to follow Christ in the Salesian style of life. The Oratorians and the Staff Members were so much attentive not to miss any single word uttered by the two Clerics. They were witnesses of that great event.

The whole day was filled up with different activities; Mass, Lunch, indoor games, to name but a few. And the attendance was very good. May our Loving God bless us with holy vocations from our Youth Centre.

God Bless you Brothers; Gabriel and Vernon


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